Monday, April 4, 2011

75000 and counting

i carried myself like a king
or at least thats what i thought
head high chest out
i thought myself royalty
but, in truth, a rooster is more like me 
cocky... with no reason to be
oh how i loved to strut 
oh how i loved to crow
little did i know
that the hens had already sorted me out
and determined i was in no shape to rule a roost
so from high up in their cozy little nests
they spread the word
on message boards
clucking away
pecking away
and the word did spread
"come see the grand delusion. come see that silly ol bird."
and the crowd did gather
with cameras in hand... 
                            to capture my demise
i strutted along to the glory in my head... oblivious
    i didnt notice the laughter 'til it was too late
                           isnt that sad?
great and mighty, i felt
and great and mighty... i fell
there is nothing i can do to change any of this

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