Thursday, March 24, 2011


write it out
 like seeing it concrete
  makes you feel any better
write it out
  its all the same on paper

your finger hovers
and you consider


you’ve been that way for the last few years

don’t cry
don’t cry
so you lose everything
 what great artist hasn’t starved for their work

write it out
 like none of us were there
 like none of us know
 overrated .
  and doesn’t read well
we are footnotes
don’t forget to write
                                 it out

Sunday, March 20, 2011


these are the best times.

you cant say that on television!

grammar and me don’t get along so well
I guess grammar and I don’t get along
the rule writers never had much to say
not much to say about life
they die in the pages of text books
worn. discarded.
a sacrifice to the god of perfect diction
a sacrifice to the ever changing
“you have been forgotten joseph priestley”
you cant mandate expression
one cannot mandate expression
and ill use these consonants and vowels
 at my own discretion